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     I've met some very cool and interesting people at the Interbike trade shows that I've attended. From product innovators, life long cycling idols to current top professional athletes. These are some of my favorites. For cycling fans Interbike is just sensory overload. Long days and lots of walking.

   The volume of noise and activity is very high and fast paced. Just like the sport itself. It's a good time for sure. If I looked a little staight faced and run down, it's becuase I was :)
Enjoy my highlights. I sure had a great time.
  Vegas Baby
Outdoor Demo Oakley Factory Truck Brenda Lyons, Team Advil, SE Racing Pedros Van, Flower Power
Dave Mirra and Mike Spinner Dennis McCoy Greg Hill, BMX legend Liz Hatch, Team Vanderkitten
Ned Overend, MTB Legend Phil Liggett, The voice of cycling Carlos Sastre, Tour Winner Christian Vandevelde
Kristin Armstrong Santiago Botero Thor Hushovd Tom Boonen, on top of Rollos candies, and yes I did eat some.
Tyler Hamilton Bike By Arantix Olympic Track Bike  

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Interbike08' Electronic Dura Ace Interbike08 Lance in the Cyclocross Race Interbike08, Surly line up.

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Brian Castillo, Volume Bikes Eric Park, Park tools Fast Freddie Rodriguez Gary Fisher
Jay Mirron Greg LeMond Nate Wessel / Jason Ens Phil Liggett
Robbie Morales Rolf Dietrich, Rolf wheels Tyler Hamilton Kim / Brian Castillo
Kim / Gary Fisher Kim / Tyler Hamilton Token Show Girl  


  Thank you for looking, your time is appreciated.
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