That's Me
     A little about me:

  As a little boy I was always drawn to the individuality that cycling offered. I always like the fact that you
only get out what your willing to put in. I believe that is a great lesson for life in general.

  It seemed no matter which direction my life was going, cycling was not far from my thoughts in one form or another.
At ten years old while my friends were playing football in the neighbors yard I was hours from home racing
my BMX bike.

  As I got a bit older I was the first one around with a quarter pipe ramp in the backyard. People driving by would
stop in their tracks right in the middle of the road to catch a peek. Pretty cool stuff.

  Soon after came "borrowing" my sisters road bike for long rides and then the boom in to mountain bikes. Basically if it had two wheels I was on it. I've dabbled in moutain bike and road racing. Great fun and very challenging.

  I've worked in many cycling shops over the years. I learned all aspects of the business. I've been the head wrench, in charge of sales and everything in between.

  With my diverse shop experience I've seen some of the same problems pop up over and over again. Me being creatively minded, saw a opportunity to develop a proper business around these issues.
Whatever's Clever / Bikemor is the direct response to those needs. My products solve many of these issues in a creative and cost effective manner. I hope you find something you like here.

  Thank you for reading, your time is appreciated. is a subsidiary of Whatever's Clever Inc.  
  Some of my favorite video's. Click to view.  
Lance/Nike Art of Cycling Lance/Nike 1989 Race Championships w/Lemond

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"The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go the more likely it is you'll crash." Julie Furtado
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