K-Edge Chain Catcher, Installation Instructions:

The K-Edge must be installed by a professional bicycle mechanic!

Tech Note: For most frame and front derailleur configurations, the standard hardware included with the K-Edge will be sufficient to properly mount the K-Edge. However we are aware of a couple of configurations where the Hard to Fit Kit (HFK) may be required.

The HFK includes: 5mm spacer, 30mm bolt, radius washer, spare star and flat washers.

Most frame braze on mounts are curved to allow for proper front derailleur setup and adjustment. Because of the curved nature of the frame mount, a curved “radius washer” is required on the opposite side of the derailleur where the bolt attaches. Most, if not all Campy front derailleurs have this radius washer captive to the derailleur fixing bolt.

Frames with excessively oversized seat tubes.
Cervelo R3, R3 SL, RS, and also the Ridley Noah have been found to require the 5mm spacer in the HFK for easier install and adjustment. There are probably more frames out there too.

AceCo Sport Group and Bikemor strives for 100% customer satisfaction. We will ship a free HFK to customers that have been met with a difficult installation and purchased their K-Edge prior to May 18th. Simply e-mail your request to: info@Bikemor.com, noting your frame, front derailleur, crank, and ring sizes.

Please download and reference installation instructions.

For use with braze-on style mounted front derailleurs only.

Position the chain on the inner ring.
Remove stock derailleur fasteners. Install the K-Edge Chain Catcher in this order:
1. Stock “washer”, this is the curved washer that came with the stock derailleur hardware.
2. SS Star washer M5. (provided with K-Edge)
3. K-Edge Chain Catcher
4. SS Flat Washer washer M5. (provided with K-Edge)
5. SS Socket Head Cap Screw M5** (provided with K-Edge)

**See chart below for correct bolt length for specific derailleur. **

SRAM: all models = 25mm bolt length
Shimano Dura-Ace 7800 = 25mm bolt length
Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 = 20mm bolt length
Campagnolo = 20mm bolt length

Thread the bolt into the derailleur and leave the assembly loose. Concentrate on positioning the derailleur in the proper position, with the chain catcher
resting against the chain on the inner ring. Once in position hold the derailleur in place with left hand and lightly tighten assembly.

Position your crank so the back side of an inner chainring bolt is in-line with the K-Edge. With the right hand adjust the K-Edge into position.
Use the slot on top of the K-Edge to adjust best position to ensure clearance of the frame.
Also find the best position to get the K-Edge as close to the chain or chainring bolt head without touching.
It can be beneficial to put a .4mm feeler gauge or shim material between the K-Edge and the chainring bolt.
Recheck derailleur alignment and the K-Edge Alignment.
If all is well, torque the Socket Head Cap Screw M5 using a 4mm Allen Socket to 7Nm.